Having a great website for your business and a solid hosting plan is only the beginning when it comes to creating a strong online presence. While shared hosting plans might work for many small business websites in the beginning, any measure of success at all will soon show it may be time to look for something better, like cheap VPS hosting. Some businesses should go this direction to begin with to experience the advantages of increased control, stability, and flexibility. VPS hosting provides numerous benefits like these and others for your site and online presence, take a look at our top five VPs hosting perks!

#1: Increased Stability

Right off the bat, a VPS provides much more stability than any shared hosting plan. Not only are there a limited amount of VPS accounts on any given server to reduce strain, but you also don’t have to share the same server. This means that unlike shared hosting, one person uploading malware, using resources improperly, or doing something shady won’t cause slow speeds or hiccups for everyone else who happens to be on the same server. In addition to this, your website has the ability to use far more RAM, CPU usage, memory usage, processes, and more without causing any issues. Stability is always good thing.

#2: Much Easier to Grow or Scale

Going with a cheap VPS hosting plan means you are in a much better place when it comes to growing or scaling your operations. If a site on a shared hosting server has anything go viral, it will crash, more likely than not. Being on a virtual private server means not only can a website handle sudden huge influxes of traffic and demands on resources for the short term, but it can be easily programmed and setup to handle bigger resource use on a consistent basis over the long term. Not every type of hosting allows you to scale, but cheap VPS hosting does.

#3: More Control Over Your Hosting

Since you’re actually renting server space, gives you much more control over your hosting when you go with a VPS option. While different providers may have different limits or restrictions, your webmaster will always have more ability to really dive into the resources a VPS offers and setup your hosting however you see fit for your business. More control means more options, and that is never a bad thing when it comes to setting up a website and making sure the hosting remains steady.

#4: More Cost Effective Than a Full Server

Full servers have their place and offer their own benefits, but they are usually expensive and make it so you have to be sure you have someone who thoroughly understands how they work. The total expenses of a server are always going to outweigh a VPS, and many true server rentals come without any additional support. These are not only much better financially for a small business, but are often a better solution than a full server for businesses of many different sizes.

#5: Better Problem Solving Options

One of the biggest reasons to go with a VPS is that most hosting companies offer a degree of support and there are even many managed VPS options that help guarantee a degree of strong service for business owners who need better hosting but might be in a bit over their heads when it comes to the technical side of things.

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