Domain names have been key for branding your business and establishing your online presence for years. While the benefits and uses of a personalized domain name are apparent for businesses of all kinds, we think it could be beneficial to know the who, what, when, and why of domain names and domain name registration by looking at the history of the domain name


Before the 21st century, domain name usage was much lower than it is today. In 1965, two computers, one located in Massachusetts and one in California, were connected through a dial-up telephone line. As the Internet continued to develop and rapidly grow throughout the next twenty years, three men, Jon Postel, Paul Mockapetris and Craig Partridge, introduced the Domain Name System (DNS).


The Domain Name System was implemented into the Internet due to a rapid growth of the web without an effective method of navigating throughout it. Once the DNS was integrated, seven top level domains were introduced including .com, .org, .net, and .gov to provide domain space for US government offices, the US military, corporations, non-profits, networks and schools. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) pressured Internet users to use DNS addresses regularly and network representatives decided that a DNS system would work well.  


In 1987, the first DNS activity to a private sector was recorded and then increased throughout the government and society’s use. For nearly ten years, concern regarding the centralization of power over DNS in a non-governmental organization continues while the Internet rapidly grows and develops.

Today, the Internet acts as a global interconnection of computer networks, supporting an endless array of e-commerce, businesses, social networks and depths of knowledge. Without the Domain Name System, the cosmos of the Internet wouldn’t necessarily be what it is today. Using numeric addresses instead of alphabetic address might have never demanded the boom in Internet usage as it did in the 1980’s. Since the DNS boom and the flourishment of the Internet, more and more domain names have been created and registered. In 1992, fewer than 15,000 .com domains were registered and in ten years, in 2002, 23,198,677 domains were registered. In the same year, began providing cheap domain registration across the Internet.


As of January, 2017 there were 126,930,421 .com domain names registered. As the amount of domains, as well as, the vast wealth of knowledge, commerce, social networking, job hunting, movie streaming, and more grow, the perfect domain name goes registered.

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